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IV Therapy Kansas City was developed after a culmination of experiences in healthcare that indicated everyone deserves options to fill nutritional gaps and optimize their wellness without the need for immediate intervention or prescriptions.

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IV Hydration and Micronutrients

Increase the bioavailability of nutrients that are missing from your diet. IV nutrient therapies help fill the nutritional gaps and offer overall health benefits.

Latest testimonials

I feel better than EVER!

It was so convenient and I feel better than ever. I had no idea how good IV micronutrient treatments could make me feel!

Mary Gosling Designer

My skin is glowing!!

I have been receiving the beauty infusion to supplement my regimen and my skin is healthier than ever. Not only do I feel like I have more of a glow, I have definitely been able to fight how dry my skin usually gets in the winter. This was one of the greatest decisions I have made for my skin!

Lisa V Personal Trainer

Should have started sooner

Benefiting from IV micronutrients is something I should have dove into sooner! Of course, I had reservations... who wants to be stuck with a needle by choice? However, I can not say how amazing Alyson is at making everything quick and PAINLESS. After a treatment, I feel more energized, healthy and strong. It is hard to explain but, I plan to benefit from treatments... forever!

Charlie M. Lawyer

Welcome to IVKC

Let’s get to know the nurse behind the needle!!

Alyson has been a registered nurse since 2008. Her primary clinical specialty has been Emergency/Trauma medicine although, she spent 2 years in the Neuro trauma ICU. ER nursing is where she developed a love for being able to start IV’s painlessly and offer ultrasound guided IV’s on patients with more difficult veins. Also, another personal passion throughout her nursing career has been forensics. She has specialized training in SANE (sexual assault/forensic nursing) and Medicolegal Death Investigations for the Medical Examiner (CSI stuff!!). This allowed her to spend time helping victims and offer support in finding closure. In 2019, a career long desire to learn more about aesthetics became a reality. Earning a certificate in aesthetics and specialized facial rejuvenation with GLO Stl, she has operated her mobile business as a nurse injector in and around the Kansas City area since the beginning of 2020. ⁣Her unique menu includes IV micronutrient therapies, client specific treatment plans, memberships, botox and contouring facial fillers…. Just to name a few!

Here is what Alyson has to say:

“Nursing is such a unique career field in which the ways to help others is multifaceted. What I love most is that I get learn continuously and hone in on skills that I value. There has been a shift in medicine and my goal is to be able to provide client specific needs in a way that encompasses the mind, body and soul! Being able to provide services that I believe in has been completely fulfilling and I am excited to see what the future holds for everyone! Best of all, I love meeting so many awesome people!”⁣ ⁣