What is the purpose of IV Therapy

The purpose of IV therapy is to provide 100% bioavailability of micronutrients/hydration via the veins. Many people take vitamins and attempt to eat a diet rich in micronutrients however we generally still suffer from nutritional gaps. Nutritional gaps can contribute to fatigue and oxidative stress from environmental exposures we deal with daily

What will happen during my treatment?

During an IV therapy treatment you will spend approximately 30 minutes relaxing and benefiting from the IV therapy treatment you have chosen. While this is an invasive procedure, it is reported to be nearly painless and provides overall positive results immediately. Let the benefits begin!! There are options for mobile appointments or in clinic appointments

Is there any downtime with IV therapy?

No! You will be able to tackle your day as soon as the treatment is complete!!

Does IV therapy work?

Yes! You will be able to optimize your treatments with your consultant to create a regimen that is specific to your needs. With IV therapies being 100% bioavailable and usable by your body, you will get the most benefit by therapy directly into your veins.

How often do I need IV Therapy?

With your consultant, you will be able to develop an ideal treatment plan that is specific to your needs. There is also a variety of membership options that function as a bank for you to use as often as you need. The points you accrue never expire and are there to help you when you need it most

What nutrients are in IV Therapies?

There are a variety of different infusion options. The foundation of all infusions is normal saline which is what we call "isotonic". This means that it is 100% compatibly with every cell in your body. In addition to the basic hydration component, at IVKC we use a variety of B vitamins, vitamin C, Glutathione, amino acids, NAD+, Magnesium, Zinc and other nutrients to support optimal health. Ask your IV specialist about our menu!

What other services can I discuss with IVKC

We offer a large array of skin services, including Botox and dermal fillers. Ask your consultant about offerings and membership options!